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Greetings to all my readers out there! So I had an email the other day, from a reader, let’s call him Joe for privacy purposes. So Joe got in touch to ask my advice as a dating coach, “Dear Dahlak, I’ve been having problems when it comes to picking up women. And I think I just have to face facts; I suck at flirting. Got any tips for a wannabe Casanova?”

Well Joe, flirting is a huge part of the dating process. We all do it, one way or another. Others are just so much better at it, some are overdoing it to the point of being trashy, and still there are some who do it discreetly (but frequently!)

Flirty girls are the trickiest girls to flirt with. It’s hard enough to get her attention when she’s surrounded by other men and she would literally drown in all the drinks that are offered to her. But trust me, underneath all that smile and charm is a girl who still gets nervous around a guy that she likes and would still work up to be noticed.

So here are my tips and guidelines to mastering the art of flirting. Always be cool. Flirty girls are surrounded by men who would willingly lap at their toenails for their attention. They are used to men who adore them like they were Greek goddesses. That’s not what you want to be. Do not look desperate for her attention. Picking up flirty girls may be easy– (read this article!), but if you’re nervous you’re bound to fail. Be very cool and act like you’re not at all impressed at her beauty or whatever it is that’s impressive about her. In a bar, for example, pass by her, look at her, smile, and walk away. Get her attention with your cool smile, make eye contact, break it then walk away as if you found something more interesting than her. (Note: Walk confidently!)

Another tip is to flirt with other girls. When you’ve caught her attention, it would be hard to break it. She would be surrounded by other men but her peripherals are eyeing you. And when she sees you flirting with other girls, she’d put her game face on to get you. Flirts love attention and competition, and you’ll love when she’s aiming for you as the prize.

It’s important to stay cool. This is when she’d try to start a small talk. Stay cool.

Do not waver in your ‘cool resolve’. Don’t give her the diva attention she’s getting from all the other men. The key in learning how to win a girls heart is confidence. Trust me, if she likes you, she’d work so hard to get your attention. Start a small talk, don’t sound too eager but don’t be boring either. Listen to her, keep eye contact, smile but don’t talk too much nor compliment too much. Act like you’ve seen better (even though we know you have not. *wink*) Again, keep that cool face of yours.
A bit of off the cuff advice; leave. Cut her off somewhere in her story. Do not rush her, that’s too eager and that’s not sexy. When you have all of her attention, leave her wanting more by literally leaving. Say you have to be somewhere but don’t forget to get her number. Say something along the lines of ‘I have to run somewhere. Can we finish this some other time, over some wine maybe?’ Who knows, you’ve done the first three steps wisely she’d end up giving you her number before you even ask.
A flirt is just like any other girl, only more charming. They get guys with a single wink. Don’t be that guy! Now hold your horses and don’t rejoice…yet. That was only the beginning! Good luck on your first date with one from the flirty kind! Keep it here at The Uranium Cafe for more dating advice and tips.

Well Joe, I hope this helps you and any other reader’s plagued with flirting issues. And don’t forget, I’m always here to help just email me at

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