Stranger Love Can Be Creepy

Right guys this week is all about discovering how to attract an unknown girl. If you thought dating was hard before, wait until you read about what I’ve been through. Whether you have been watching a girl in your neighborhood, at school or at work from afar, you have probably thought about making a move at some point. However, if you have no idea how to attract an unknown girl, then you need to learn how to do so now.

Okay, this is the truly difficult bit; build up your confidence levels. Everything begins with confidence – remember that. In fact, confidence in itself can help you learn how to attract an unknown girl with ease. After all, if you are confident, you won’t be too conscious of your actions overall.

For starters, you shouldn’t be ashamed to be yourself. In fact, you have to be yourself, so that she will see who you really are right from the start instead of falling in love with somebody you are merely claiming to be.

So, don’t try to be somebody you’re not.

This means that you shouldn’t imitate what other guys are doing nor should you use the pickup lines that other guys use, either.

In a nutshell, confidence is really just about accepting yourself and using your personal identity to talk to the girl that you like. So, if you want to learn how to pick up girls and succeed, you have to attract her by being yourself.

I can’t emphasize enough as well how important it is to look good. Confidence aside, you should also aim to look good by taking care of your appearance. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend a fortune on creams and sprays; however, you should invest in cleanliness and hygiene. So, make sure that you keep your hair well-combed, your clothes fresh and well-ironed, and your teeth white and clean.

Although it may be true that looking unusual will get a girl’s attention, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she will find you attractive if you are. However, if you look fresh and clean at all times, girls will want to approach you because distracting stains or disturbing stenches won’t be in the way.

This tip is a little cunning but try a little reverse psychology. One easy way to attract an unknown girl would be to use reverse psychology. Unlike all of the other guys out there who aim to look popular, you should detach yourself from girls sometimes and be different. If you ever find yourself surrounded by rowdy guys and a handful of girls, for example, be the chivalrous gentleman who stands out in a good way.

Believe it or not, acting powerful and cool when you are in a group of people will not always work.

In fact, sometimes, it won’t work at all. Truth be told: most of the time, these things only work on television shows. In real life, you will only look arrogant, mean and disrespectful if you act this way – and these are obviously things that girls will not want to see in a guy.

There are a ton of ways on how to attract an unknown girl out there, but don’t underestimate the basic tips mentioned above. These techniques can actually help you create rapport with the girl that you like and win her over in the long run. Also, always go on the lookout for good tips on how to flirt with girls – a good resource is .

Good luck in your seduction undertakings!


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