Emotions… What A Beyotch!

Hey guys, this week we’re gonna look at one of the most fatal factors in a relationship; an emotionally insecure girlfriend. Trust me, you don’t want that, I’ve had a bit of experience in this area with an ex in the past. It can be as simple and as uncomplicated as some bouts of jealousy and clinginess, to a total emotion wreck of a player who could break your heart over and over again.

See, emotional security is one of the main reasons why people get into relationships – to feel secure and not alone in their emotional battles. And if you fail to give her that, you may fail to make her happy and you may be at risk of losing who might be the girl of your dreams.

You and your girlfriend have your own set of responsibilities in the relationship but your foremost obligation is to make her feel secure emotionally, as she should to you. And to achieve that, it needs more than just the usual exchange of ‘I love you’s’.

Here are some of the most important and simple ways to make your girlfriend emotionally secure:
So number 1, just pay her attention. Girls are aware that we are huge attention-seekers. We love getting the attention of our men, most especially. Does she casually sneak in anecdotes like, “I want to go out and have an outdoor date!” in every conversation? So give your girlfriend exactly that. Listen to her, ask her about how her day went, and always pay attention to her stories. And it does not stop with that. Paying attention means noticing even the words that are unsaid. So always be sensitive about her.

Next up, do not judge her for how she feels. We are all entitled to whatever we feel, and we should feel most protected from judgment and ridicule around the people we love. So if she feels ugly, or she’s angry at her boss for no reason, do not judge her nor ridicule her. Be kind in speaking your thoughts out – girls are extremely sensitive. And always, always listen to her. Always show her that she can trust you with her deepest, innermost feelings.

Some other good advice I can give you; nurture her other passions. Girls can be so passionate about so many things apart from you. It could be her work, her pets, her studies, maybe even her garden or cooking. Whatever it is, as long as it does not harm her, support her and nurture her. You, the love of her life, is expected to be her foremost source of support so give it to her and do not disappoint her. This is a skill that you should have if you want to be happy in your dating life and relationship.

And you need to learn to trust her. When she sees and feels that you are confident about her and that you trust her, she will be more confident about herself and how she deals with you in the relationship. She will be prouder of herself and of you and will be generally more at ease because she knows that she has the confidence of the man she loves. If there’s no trust, then might as well get ready to be her future ex-boyfriend, and with you probably finding ways on how to get an ex back if you still love her. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Finally, do your damndest to earn her trust. Trust, after love, is the most important factor in any relationship. It is also perhaps the most important way to make your woman feel secure: let her know that she can trust you. Don’t give her any reason to doubt you or to fear about losing you to some other woman on a crazy night out. Earn her trust in everything – and I mean, EVERY THING.

Always strive to make your woman emotionally secure – because it is the key to have a healthy, happy relationship.

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