Skillz To Pay Tha Billz…

Heads up guys! I have some important information to share with you all. And I got this advice straight from the one of my lovely female reader’s who wrote in with a piece of advice for my blog. Now, I write a lot about dating and such but that doesn’t mean I know everything and I’m happy to admit that. Ladies, any time you think I could do with some tips about my blogs email me at

Anyway back to my lovely reader, here’s what she had to say, “These days, your pretty face is not enough to help boost your dating life. Our tastes in men have improved and escalated over the years – we are no longer looking for men who have the best display of testosterone levels but men who can do more things than just take our clothes off.”

And right on! Put simply guys, YOU NEED SKILLZ! TO PAY THA BILLZ!

She went on to add, “We are now looking for men who are interesting: men who have passion over something and men who have a great sense of how to live their lives – men who have extra talents and skills.”

With this email in mind, I was inspired to help my male readers, so here are some of sexiest, most attractive talents and skills that you can use to boost your attractiveness to the female kind. So we all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, yes. But so it is to a woman’s. How can any woman disguise her impression with a man who can whip up something awesome from scratch? There’s an art and sensuality to flipping pans and putting together different ingredients to produce one entirely different thing. it seems men are becoming more gastrosexuals in attracting women. The sensations and satisfaction that come with eating is not too far from the same satisfaction as an orgasm so your girl feels just as happy. Now that should get you cookin’!

The next one is pretty obvious; music. Steven Tyler can easily take home more women than Eric Dane even when the advantage on looks is apparently on only one of them. Music can go where no words can. Play your guitar on a beach date, sing a song for her at a karaoke, or even take over the restaurant lounge
and play some ballad on the piano for her and seal your deal with her heart.

Knowledge on wines is a great skill to master. Have many times have you ever had to tell the waiter at the restaurant to get you ‘their best wine’ or ‘whatever goes best with fish’ because you cannot tell a merlot from a cabernet? Impress your date by taking her on a wine event or suggesting the right type of wine for her steak. Let her marvel at your ‘vast knowledge’ as you give her snippets of information about wines.

This one can be a bit geeky but it’s always entertaining; magic tricks – while I don’t recommend using your date’s ears as a vending machine by making coins, cola, sandwiches and snacks magically appear from her ear or purse, a few sweet magic tricks would afford you all her attention throughout your date night. Just watch her face brighten up in delight at the piece of long stemmed rose you picked off her hair or guessing her secret card number she so flirtatiously hid in her chest. This is especially true when you’re flirting with a flirt.

An old skill but a great one; being handy with tools. Most girls have not gotten over that innate need for chivalry, to be taken care of by their man. And it would only be naturally impressive if our men can fix the car, change the light bulbs, or take the virus off of the PC. A guy who can play the all around handyman comes off to us women as very reliable, responsible, and still very manly.

Impress your date with skills that make you unique – capture her heart by being someone that she could not find elsewhere. Learn what has got to say about meeting women.  If you need more info about courting that special lady in your life read this. Let me know what you think!


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Uranium Cafe Sticky Question: Should You Take It to the Bedroom?

Hi all, I was thinking about this subject quite recently, so I decided to put pen to paper—so to speak. Working out whether it’s the right time to take it to the bedroom can be a really hard question to answer, even harder an issue to talk about. Especially if you’re dating someone who could be Scarlett Johansson’s doppelganger or Kate Upton’s clone, I believe you’d rather leave the matter into your own hands (no pun intended) than actually talk about it.

When you’re dating someone, is there a right time to go physical? How long do you have to hold your horses to make love to her? Would you even hold your horses and wait? No, this isn’t going to be some morality lecture or a lesson on sex education. Given that you are an adult who has not promised to save it all for marriage, this is something you’d have to face sooner or later.

How long should you be dating before you consider taking each other home?

And no, we’re not talking here about your one night stand or casual sex or friends with benefits partner. We’re looking at someone who you’ve been going out with for some time and who you have every intention of getting to know for a possibly steady relationship.

So when is it the right time?

Well, a good place to start is by asking these questions as there’s no specific number of months or weeks (or days?!) when you should take your relationship to the bedroom level. The right time is more a matter of when you both are ready for what’s next – sex can be so powerful it can make or break a budding relationship. There are reasons why you should hold back and you may want to check this article on Marie Claire.

So how do you when can it be the right time to take it to the next level?

It depends on a lot of thing and neither I nor anyone else around you can tell when the right time is. So ask yourself these questions to help you decide.

To begin with, how well do you know her?  This is where I should talk about how well you know your partner for health reasons – an STD is never a joke. But more than that, sleeping with someone requires some amount of trust, especially for the woman. It also pays to have meaningful conversations with her rather than the sweet nothings. Save them for later. She has to be very comfortable with you otherwise it would be a totally awkward thing in the morning.

Next, how does she feel about doing it? What are her own principles about it? It is important to know what she thinks about sex in general. And maybe, importantly, how many times has she done it in the past? Her own history on sex is a huge factor on her willingness (and unwillingness too) to delve into that activity. If it is going to be her first, you might want to slow it down. I don’t think you should ask her how many times she did it. There are ways on how to dig into this information. SIBG-Baltimore Chapter may be able to help you. Need to have a deep conversation with her? Apart from that you can also check out this article for some tips.

What do you think happens afterwards? To a lot of women, submitting themselves to a man in sex is equal to commitment. And it would be safe to assume that is true for all women, not because it is true for all women but because it is a whole lot riskier to believe otherwise. So unless you’re both looking at commitment for the long term, then you may want to push the brakes and take things slow.

There are a lot of surprise benefits to taking things slow in dating. Remember,just because you’re horny doesn’t mean she is, too. There are differences between a man and a woman’s sex drive. Give yourselves time to explore it, and you just might find what you’ve been looking for. For more advice hit me up at

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“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

Hello lurkers! So I’ve received a ton of emails about my last post. Thank you for the warm reception! I was thinking of what to write today and I’ve remembered a girl I dated in the past who was really nice and all. She introduced me to her friends, and as pressure was brewing, I also introduced her to mine. Unfortunately, I guess it wasn’t the perfect timing. So here’s something for you guys to ponder on.

So you’ve been dating a month and she introduced you to her friends? You’ve come a long way from asking for advice on asking a woman out, (BTW hit me up at for more on this) to getting a date/courting her and now being introduced to her friends. Congratulations! You’ve reached a new level in dating: it’s called the I-will-let-my-friends-judge-you-for-real-they’ve-heard-so-much-about-you-anyway level. And that should make you feel both flattered and scared.

But wait, her introducing you to her friends does not mean you should reciprocate it right away! Just because she did it doesn’t mean it should pressure you into doing the same. There’s a huge world of difference between a girl introducing you to her girlfriends and you doing it with your friends.

It’s important to remember that “good things come to those who wait,” and here are some of the reasons why you should hold your horses and wait a little bit longer before introducing her to your best buddies:

To start with, your friends might turn her off. Ever heard of “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”? Even when you’re not as big a jerk as your friends, chances are, she’d think you’re exactly the same as them. So if your friends are the misbehaving type, wait just a little bit longer ‘til you’re both comfortable with each other and she knows you enough to distinguish you from your friends.

It’s important to remember that they might scare her away. Some girls like to take things slow. She might think you are getting too serious too soon and it might cause her to back off. It’s a lot of pressure to be introduced to your best brothers from different mothers you know.

And it could mislead her, which is is the polar opposite of No. 2. Some girls think that just because you introduced her to your friends, you guys are totally together and she could move in with you tomorrow. This is so true if you’re dating a possibly clingy girl. And she could totally use it against you if you break it up with her. So unless you’re looking into something serious with her, you might really want to take it just a wee bit longer.

Remember, guy friends are not the same as girlfriends. It’s almost the same as us bringing you over to family dinner right away. So take it slow, make sure you both are ready for it and willing to do it. It’s a different story (and a different blog post altogether) however if she’s asking to be introduced to your friends.

It’s got to be the right timing. When you should take her to meet them boys…Sure there are tips on how to introduce your girlfriend to your buddies, but as the cliche goes, “Timing is everything.”
There’s a season for everything. And thus, there’s always a perfect time to introduce her to your buddies a good place to begin is when you’re official. Boyfriend-girlfriend, wifey-hubby, or anything that says you’re official is always a cue for you to bring her to boys’ night. She would hate if you didn’t even when you guys are serious.

Perhaps a good idea is to just leave it to chance, when they see you, unintentionally, with her. Seriously, this doesn’t take a genius to figure out! Meeting your friends accidentally with your girl would be awkward if you don’t introduce her.

Be sure to find out though if she’s willing. Some girls are so cool with it and would be excited to do it without expecting anything. Gauge her. You know her better than I do! Does she seem the type who can play pool with them and not expect you to stick with her for the next ten years?

Again, the secret to successfully pulling this off is by perfectly assessing how ready you both are for this. It can really change your level of dating so prepare for these consequences!

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Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!

Greetings to all my readers out there! So I had an email the other day, from a reader, let’s call him Joe for privacy purposes. So Joe got in touch to ask my advice as a dating coach, “Dear Dahlak, I’ve been having problems when it comes to picking up women. And I think I just have to face facts; I suck at flirting. Got any tips for a wannabe Casanova?”

Well Joe, flirting is a huge part of the dating process. We all do it, one way or another. Others are just so much better at it, some are overdoing it to the point of being trashy, and still there are some who do it discreetly (but frequently!)

Flirty girls are the trickiest girls to flirt with. It’s hard enough to get her attention when she’s surrounded by other men and she would literally drown in all the drinks that are offered to her. But trust me, underneath all that smile and charm is a girl who still gets nervous around a guy that she likes and would still work up to be noticed.

So here are my tips and guidelines to mastering the art of flirting. Always be cool. Flirty girls are surrounded by men who would willingly lap at their toenails for their attention. They are used to men who adore them like they were Greek goddesses. That’s not what you want to be. Do not look desperate for her attention. Picking up flirty girls may be easy– (read this article!), but if you’re nervous you’re bound to fail. Be very cool and act like you’re not at all impressed at her beauty or whatever it is that’s impressive about her. In a bar, for example, pass by her, look at her, smile, and walk away. Get her attention with your cool smile, make eye contact, break it then walk away as if you found something more interesting than her. (Note: Walk confidently!)

Another tip is to flirt with other girls. When you’ve caught her attention, it would be hard to break it. She would be surrounded by other men but her peripherals are eyeing you. And when she sees you flirting with other girls, she’d put her game face on to get you. Flirts love attention and competition, and you’ll love when she’s aiming for you as the prize.

It’s important to stay cool. This is when she’d try to start a small talk. Stay cool.

Do not waver in your ‘cool resolve’. Don’t give her the diva attention she’s getting from all the other men. The key in learning how to win a girls heart is confidence. Trust me, if she likes you, she’d work so hard to get your attention. Start a small talk, don’t sound too eager but don’t be boring either. Listen to her, keep eye contact, smile but don’t talk too much nor compliment too much. Act like you’ve seen better (even though we know you have not. *wink*) Again, keep that cool face of yours.
A bit of off the cuff advice; leave. Cut her off somewhere in her story. Do not rush her, that’s too eager and that’s not sexy. When you have all of her attention, leave her wanting more by literally leaving. Say you have to be somewhere but don’t forget to get her number. Say something along the lines of ‘I have to run somewhere. Can we finish this some other time, over some wine maybe?’ Who knows, you’ve done the first three steps wisely she’d end up giving you her number before you even ask.
A flirt is just like any other girl, only more charming. They get guys with a single wink. Don’t be that guy! Now hold your horses and don’t rejoice…yet. That was only the beginning! Good luck on your first date with one from the flirty kind! Keep it here at The Uranium Cafe for more dating advice and tips.

Well Joe, I hope this helps you and any other reader’s plagued with flirting issues. And don’t forget, I’m always here to help just email me at

Peace out,

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Online Dating Sucks Like A Vacuum Cleaner

Hey guys, now I really need to get something off my chest this week; I am not a big fan of online dating.

There, I said it. I find from experience that there’s a big problem when it comes to meeting women online. It’s fake. You don’t get to see her body language, and it’s hard to calibrate your responses according to her non-verbal ques. This is a problem when you try to use my seduction techniques online. The courtship process is most of the time frustrating and misleading. They do not work as effectively as they should.

Also, there’s a false sense of accomplishment when you are able to get a woman’s number online. It’s a fool’s game. It’s easy to get digits online. The real measure of a seducer is to get a phone number of a woman who is evaluating you in real life.

Nevertheless, there are some merits when it comes to online dating. One advantage of online dating is that you can broaden your reach and meet women across different locations. It’s also a good opportunity for you to practice the techniques or dating tricks that you learn from programs such as the Mystery Method or Sonic Seduction with very little or no rejection risk.

It’s also much easier to “approach” a girl online. All you need to do is to send emails or private messages. It doesn’t get simpler than this! For these reasons, sites like and eHarmony are flourishing online. Many guys fork out tremendous sums of money in order to contact the profiles that they see at online dating sites. It just doesn’t get much easier. Also, now most women are on Facebook – which makes things so much easier if you want to get yourself a girlfriend.

Most of the times guys fail when it comes to getting favorable responses from the women that they meet online. They simply do not have the skills to impress women over the Internet. A decent looking woman would get tens if not hundreds of messages from men at online dating sites. So, it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression. It’s quite difficult to attract a stranger or an unknown girl, and this is why many guys fail at this alone – they just are not able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

The smarter ones would learn online dating techniques from programs such as the eDating Method or Derek Rake’s Online Dating Playbook. Most other guys just rely on trial and error… and most of them give up after failing to get dates. also has great techniques every man must learn how to master. They truly help out a lot when it comes to the dating games. You should also check out my blog, on how to properly court a girl.

It’s a shame, really. Online dating is a number’s game. The more you approach, the more will respond to you. This is especially true when you gain more experience, and you will learn exactly what messages will give you the results that you want.

This is very similar to “real life” game, really. You just need to keep approaching, and don’t take rejections seriously. With enough practice, any guy can turn into a seduction master. For more advice and lessons though, as a dating coach I can be reached at And when you are a master, don’t just turn into a lame pickup artist, or worse, a dating guru who sells worthless, rehashed ebooks for a living.

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Group Dating Pros and Cons (Dahlak’s Personal Experience)

Hey guys, great to see you again! So two months ago I posted an article about dating a stranger. Today’s blog is a follow up, I am going to share with you some considerations you must make when you embark on group dating, and I promise, all this comes from my own personal experience on the subject.

One of the most enjoyable parts of dating is doing it together with other couples. Group dating – as they say it. It is a fun activity wherein dating couples share dating space with other partners. This is usually done within groups of friends who have partners. It is also a way to help others find a partner by introducing them to a friend of a friend who is also single and looking for a partner. However, no matter how fun group dating sounds, some people may end up not liking the thought of it while others may want to try it every once in a while.

Now there are benefits to dating someone when you’re out as a group, it’s a way to learn about dating and relationships from others. They say that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others so that he may not commit the same mistakes to himself. Group dating is a good example to that principle. By group dating, couples can share their stories and experiences while going through the process of dating and getting to know each other. Couples can also compare themselves to other couples and seek rooms for improvement or maintenance in their relationships. For couples who are in the rocks of their courtship, they may seek pieces of advice from other dating couples which would be of great benefit in resolving their issues.

Another great benefit of dating as a group is the chance to learn more about the person you are dating with. As mentioned, group dating would include the couple’s group of friends and this circle of friends will be able to share what they had with the person you are dating. How others know about the person you are dating will contribute to the getting-to-know part of the dating process. This is also especially important when you are in the process of figuring how to get a girlfriend – go to for some solid tips on the girlfriend-getting process.

Be aware though that there are disadvantages too when dating as a group. While it can sound interesting and exciting, dating couples must be careful not to make wrong moves that can ruin their own relationship or the relationship of other couples. You must be aware that there are limits to every dating partner so you must know when to step in and out of that limit. For example, you must be sensitive in asking too personal questions like sex and past relationships that are obviously out of your concern.

Sometimes, however, it is hard to control others from telling stories of past relationships. It is up to you to be sensitive about the issue and avoid digging deeper into the details which in turn might blacken someone’s character.

Group dating is supposed to be a learning activity so you would want to stick to its purpose and enjoy each other’s company. As much as you can learn positive values from it, you may also realize the disadvantage of it on your own. However, this must not stop you from joining some group dating activities again. Just take note of your own limits as well as other’s limits in dealing with other dating couples. Through group dating, you and your partner will soon learn to deal with others as you go along with your togetherness. Remember that group dating is another healthy way to strengthen relationships.

Any questions? Email me at or leave me a message below.

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The Ball Is In Her Court.

Hey guys, I’ve been musing recently about dating techniques, so I decided to get all these thoughts out onto my blog and make sense of them with you guys. This is for those of you who think you would have an easier time learning how to court a girl if you knew how to turn her brain on and off to create intense feelings of attraction for you. Keep reading to learn more about this switch in the female brain and how you can learn how to court a girl with ease through it. Also, if you’d like to reach out for my personal help as a dating coach though, email me at

However, before you learn about the seduction secrets on how to court a girl, you need to make sure that you never show her any signs of desperation or weakness. Otherwise, you will never succeed at making that girl fall for you – remember that. Now, here are the 3 tricks of attraction on how to court a girl that will make you the ruler of her world in no time… these are the definitive ways on how to win a girls heart and get her to swoon into your arms in no time at all…

So number one, and this may seem like an odd trick but send her mixed signals. Also called the push and pull trick, you can play with a girl’s feelings by sending her mixed signals and win her over that way. The first step in doing this would be to compliment her and then say something completely outrageous that is sure to make her laugh. By shifting the mood out of nowhere, you can actually confuse this girl and make her wonder about what she can do to make you stay by her side. Believe it or not, this roller coaster of emotions will make you more attractive in her eyes in the end. Learn how to hold meaningful conversations with women – click here and here.

Coming in second, and this does work I promise; pretend like you don’t like her. Girls like to take full advantage of their power in the world of dating by getting different guys to do whatever they want. So, if you show her that she doesn’t faze you in any way, she will feel the need to try harder at winning you over. The best way to get her to react this way would be to remain oblivious to all of her drama and tell her that you like her company, but aren’t interested in anything more than that.

And the icing on the cake, put her under your spell. To pick a girl up, you don’t necessarily have to be arrogant or cocky. In fact, it might even help to be sensitive at times. So, why not try telling a sweet anecdote of something nice that you did for somebody else? However, while doing this, make sure that you act like you don’t actually want to share the story because you are embarrassed by it. If she has only seen the cocky side of you so far, then finding out you have a soft spot will instantly make her warm up to you and realize that she may have judged you wrongly. This will, in turn, heighten her curiosity about you and make her want to get to know you better.

Female minds are generally very volatile, so they can change their minds in a heartbeat if they have enough reason to. Aside from that, girls are also very susceptible to the aforementioned tricks of attraction on how to court a girl. So, if you follow them to a tee, you should be able to win your dream girl over in no time.

In my next blog post, I will write more about “girlfriend stealer” strategies which I first talked about in this blog post.

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Stealing Girlfriends – WRONG But INTERESTING!

Hey readers,

Today, I have a confession to make. I, Dahlak Medhane, am guilty of the committing the following sins that I’m about to discuss. Now I’m not proud of it but it’s happened. And I don’t regret my actions; cuz she was totally worth it. As you know, many guys have a crush on a girl that already has a boyfriend. This can be very disheartening to say the least. However, you should never give up. Even if the girl you have a crush on is taken, she might not be taken forever. It’s important to still keep an eye on her so that you can be there for her if she ever does break up with him. There are three simple steps you can use to pick up someone’s girlfriend without coming off overbearing or rude. So, how can you steal someone’s girlfriend in three simple steps?

So here it is my ultimate boyfriend destroyer method.

The first step to stealing someone’s girlfriend is to spend time with her boyfriend. By spending time with her boyfriend, you’ll be able to find out more about the relationship. Guys are much more direct when it comes to relationships and he probably won’t think anything of it if you ask him how things are going with his girlfriend. If there are problems in the relationship, he’ll let you know.

When you’re spending time with her boyfriend, it is very important to act like you aren’t interested in her.

If you mention that you are in a relationship, he won’t think of you as a threat and he’ll be more likely to tell you detailed information about the relationship.

Once you have spent time with the boyfriend, you’ll know about the cracks in the relationship and how you can exploit them. The next step in stealing someone’s girlfriend is to let the girl know that you are available to talk. Don’t tell the girl that you know about the problems she’s having in the relationship because she’ll get suspicious. Simply plant a seed in her mind and let it grow. In the meantime, you can start researching the problems that the girl is having with her boyfriend. If you know that the couple is having a lot of fights, start thinking of a story about how your sister and her ex boyfriend used to fight a lot. Then talk about how you were always there for your sister with advice. If the girl you are trying to date knows that you have had experience with a similar issue in the past, she’ll be more likely to open up to you. And the more she opens up to you, the stronger the emotional bond will be between her and yourself.

The final step to stealing someone’s girlfriend is by advertising yourself. What this really means is that you need to be at the right place at the right time. If you know that she’s going to a certain restaurant, make sure that you’re there. If you know that she’s going concert, get tickets as well. Not only will it keep her thinking about you, but also you can use it as an excuse to call her. If you need to know how to have meaningful conversations with women, read my previous blog post here.
Now that you know how to steal someone’s girlfriend in three simple steps, you shouldn’t have any problems getting her to start dating you.

The real ultimate authority on Boyfriend Destroyer techniques is Benjamin Damien. Google his name, and read his stuff. If you need more help, let me know.

Get out there and sarge!

Dahlak M.

ADDENDUM: I have gotten some really nasty emails about this article, pointing out that there’s advice against this sort of thing, I am unrepentant but if you want to comment on anything in today’s blog email me at

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Going Deep…

Greetings all! So I was having a discussion really with some friends (CREDITS TO John Medhane, Kim Ballack and Michael Lee), and it was this topic that I decided to write about for today’s blog post.

How to hold meaningful conversations with women – conversational seduction techniques that work every single time, everywhere…

I know that it is a challenge for many guys to know how to approach and talk to women – particularly the beautiful ones. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do for many guys and I don’t blame them. Each one of us has got anxieties and fears of rejection and that is only natural that. I mean, who likes to feel rejected by beautiful women? Nobody I know.

The biggest problem with most guys is that they tend to want to use pickup lines when the go approach the women that the like. They think that by using those proven pickup lines that the learn from some Internet forum they will be able to impress the women that they like. What most guys do not know is that pickup lines have really high failure rates. Why? This is because pickup lines have been used again and again and they can be counterproductive for this very same reason.

So how does one overcome this problem then? Is quite easy, really, if you know the right conversational seduction tricks or techniques that work every time, everywhere you go. They are certain techniques that seduction gurus use in order to build emotional rapport in record time – some say in 15 minutes or even less. One of these techniques, known as fractionation, is a technique used by advanced mind control experts in order to quickly impress any person that they meet. This technique has been adapted into the use in dating and seducing women since the 1990s by a group of seduction musters would lurk online in order to exchange dating and relationship tips and techniques.

Of course, you do not need to use persuasion and hypnosis techniques in order to be good with women. In fact, if you are a beginner in dating and seduction, these techniques tend to be counterproductive. Also, not everybody can use fractionation and make it work for them. That is unfortunately true. So, if you think that you can use October man sequence in order to seduce women quickly by this weekend then you will be disappointed. Unless, of course, you already have a degree in hypnosis from the University of Cambridge in England. The bottom line is you will need some foundational knowledge in hypnosis and persuasion in order to use techniques like fractionation and the October man sequence.

Here’s a good resource on persuasion and psychology:-

If you really want to be good with women then you will need to start putting in the work. As a dating coach I have a bunch of advice to offer, so get in touch at There is no shortcut in self-improvement. Go and download as many seduction programs as you can online and study them thoroughly. Once you have gotten the hang of it, apply the knowledge in real life but approaching as many women as possible every single day. Do these everywhere you go. Fail often and as quickly as possible. Do not feel disheartened by failure. You will be well reported at the end of the journey, so go for it!

If you want to engage me for my dating coaching services, click here for my contact details.

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A Message From Dahlak

Salaam From Dahlak.

Since I turned into a full-time dating and relationships coach, many of my friends have been coming to my place to ask for advice.

They want to know how to pick up girls (I usually refer them to this rather useful SeductionFAQ article here) and make them fall in love with you quickly and easily. The answer to this question is actually quite straightforward. However many guys are confused since there is a lot of information out there which seems to be contradictory. For example, there are just too many blogs on dating and seduction that are written by guys who may have tried a couple of techniques and worked for them. However, these techniques may not be universal, and they may backfire year if you do not use them in the right context.

One of these techniques is called fractionation. This technique is actually a controversial since it is reportedly to be super powerful. In fact, it has been claimed to be one of the most powerful seduction techniques ever to be invented by human. First originated inside the circles of persuasion, hypnosis and mind control back in the 1970s, it has since been adapted to be used in the modern seduction world by pioneers in the underground seduction communities found on the Internet since the 1980s. There are many variations of fractionation used in the context of seduction. One of these variations are called the October Man Sequence. You may have heard about this particular technique from a particularly famous book called The Game, written by a journalist from the Rolling Stone magazine. Based on fractionation, the October Man Sequence is said to be able to make women fall in love in as quickly as 15 minutes from start to finish. It is that powerful, and I have seen it used in the field many times by proven experts. It is quite mind-boggling to see how effective it is to make a woman fall in love with you.

For a beginner, I do not recommend the usage of the October Man sequence or other techniques which are based on fractionation because it is actually quite hard to be used in the field. Also, many newbies in the seduction game make the mistake of learning routines and stories in order to pick up women. They come across as in-congruent and dishonest and this is a sure sign of insecurity. Needless to say, women are turned off by this apparent lack of confidence.

Many seduction gurus and dating experts also recommend building confidence using trickery known as inner game techniques. Of course increasing confidence is always a good thing but this often takes time and effort – and usually it takes somebody months in order to build up confidence. I once had a student who is so fearful of women that approaching them in the public is something very scary to them. As a result, I put him on the therapy in order to overcome this fear of approaching women. The fact is that if your fearful of approaching women then everything is a nonstarter. It doesn’t matter if you know fractionation or other similarly powerful techniques if you cannot even the basic rapport with a woman. Therefore in order to be good at love, dating and relationships, you must know the nuts and bolts of building basic emotional connection or rapport with a woman. That is the recommended starting point that recommend for most guys. And if you need something more advanced, you can always check out the October Man Sequence – chronicled rather impressively at

How to build rapport and pick up girls in 15 minutes or less

In order to build effective rapport with the woman, you must first develop empathy with her. What this means is that you must look at things from the perspective of a female. In this respect it is very useful if you are able to learn the basics of female psychology. It is no coincidence that the modern seduction body of knowledge overlaps heavily with traditional psychology, mind control, and hypnosis fields of study. I have a few students who help psychology and persuasion degrees and it is no coincidence that they picked up seduction rather quickly – much quicker than the average student. Therefore if you want to be good with women, is very useful if you can pickup the subject of human psychology as well as hypnosis. Specialized hypnosis techniques such as neuro linguistic programming (or better known as NLP) are also useful. In fact, basic NLP principles and techniques such as anchoring and framing I used again and again in dating and seduction.

Secondly, in order to know how to pick up girls, go download and research on as many seduction programs as you can online. I myself started this journey of improving myself by looking at blogs written by seduction experts. There is no point reinventing the wheel. There are lots of guys who have already been through what you are going through now. Therefore actively seek out experts and you will be able to learn much faster without having to experience much failure yourself. By doing this, you will be able to improve your seduction game and start dating the women that you like as quickly as possible. A good resource is this page – it’s something on how to seduce women that will improve your love life by leaps and bounds. Try it!

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