So Jessica Stood Me Up. STOOD. Me. UP! #1@$$!

You’re dressed to the nines. You smell like the perfumes section of the mall. You have your ‘swag’ turned on to the full and you’re ready to blow your date’s mind away. And so you showed up at your agreed location, ready and actually giddy for your rendezvous.

wait5 minutes had gone by and she isn’t there yet. ‘Ahh I came in early’, you said.

10 minutes: ‘Ahh girls. Pretty sure she’s looking for a grand, er – dramatic entrance’.

30 minutes and a glass and a half of iced tea: ‘Traffic sure is bad. She should have skipped the freeway; it’s a Wednesday night.’

55 minutes: ‘The waitress is eyeing me suspiciously. I better order something more than just iced tea’.

1.5 hours and 3 bathroom trips later: ‘She’s not picking up. Oh boy. Nah. Can’t be. She’s a nice girl. She won’t. But could she?’

2 hours (and I don’t think you’d actually wait this long): ‘Maybe she got sick or something…just anything!

Ahh and then finally you leave. Annoying!

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? Have you ever been stood up by a date? Have you ever anticipated and waited for some girl who decided to show up without informing you until the last minute or at all? Well, then, my dear friend, you are just one of the thousands of men across the globe who have been stood up by their dates. Well, do you want tips? So for flirting tips, click here.

In this situation, even when the urge to figure out what happened to your date, or make up possible excuses to justify your dates absence, I believe the better, more sane and more dignity-saving action to do is this: figure out what to do to save your face and not look like the loser in the situation.

Tips on how to survive

Here are some gentlemanly tips on how to survive and move on from getting stood up by a girl:

  • When you know it’s time to leave (aka you’ve been waiting more than half an hour without a word from your date), don’t make such a fuss or drama that everyone else can see. Don’t look around too tensely either, like you’re hoping no one noticed that your date didn’t show up. Stand up like nothing happened and leave in the same manner.
  • Grab yourself a burger or some comfort food if you’re too bummed from being stood up (that is if you haven’t yet ordered anything while waiting for her).
  • Don’t call her. It will make you look desperate. Wait for her to call or explain what happened. Emailing her or texting her would be your safest choice, just in case she does have a very valid reason for standing you up. And don’t send her a rant message. That’s just spelling L-O-S-E-R to you. Keep cool (or at least pretend to be). *Wink* She won’t know the difference.
  • Don’t post on her wall or make a Facebook status about it. That’s low and un-classy.
  • Don’t overanalyze what happened either. You came, she didn’t. Period. Remember, you were decent enough to show up, it was not a humiliation on your part that she didn’t show up. Some men tend to over think this part when they really shouldn’t because (1) it’s useless, and (2) it will bruise their ego much harder than it should.
  • And if she does offer an explanation, listen and let your better judgment make the decision.

Being stood up on a date is not that bad. Some people have it worse; consider it a warning about this certain woman.

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