Group Dating Pros and Cons (Dahlak’s Personal Experience)

Hey guys, great to see you again! So two months ago I posted an article about dating a stranger. Today’s blog is a follow up, I am going to share with you some considerations you must make when you embark on group dating, and I promise, all this comes from my own personal experience on the subject.

One of the most enjoyable parts of dating is doing it together with other couples. Group dating – as they say it. It is a fun activity wherein dating couples share dating space with other partners. This is usually done within groups of friends who have partners. It is also a way to help others find a partner by introducing them to a friend of a friend who is also single and looking for a partner. However, no matter how fun group dating sounds, some people may end up not liking the thought of it while others may want to try it every once in a while.

Now there are benefits to dating someone when you’re out as a group, it’s a way to learn about dating and relationships from others. They say that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others so that he may not commit the same mistakes to himself. Group dating is a good example to that principle. By group dating, couples can share their stories and experiences while going through the process of dating and getting to know each other. Couples can also compare themselves to other couples and seek rooms for improvement or maintenance in their relationships. For couples who are in the rocks of their courtship, they may seek pieces of advice from other dating couples which would be of great benefit in resolving their issues.

Another great benefit of dating as a group is the chance to learn more about the person you are dating with. As mentioned, group dating would include the couple’s group of friends and this circle of friends will be able to share what they had with the person you are dating. How others know about the person you are dating will contribute to the getting-to-know part of the dating process. This is also especially important when you are in the process of figuring how to get a girlfriend – go to for some solid tips on the girlfriend-getting process.

Be aware though that there are disadvantages too when dating as a group. While it can sound interesting and exciting, dating couples must be careful not to make wrong moves that can ruin their own relationship or the relationship of other couples. You must be aware that there are limits to every dating partner so you must know when to step in and out of that limit. For example, you must be sensitive in asking too personal questions like sex and past relationships that are obviously out of your concern.

Sometimes, however, it is hard to control others from telling stories of past relationships. It is up to you to be sensitive about the issue and avoid digging deeper into the details which in turn might blacken someone’s character.

Group dating is supposed to be a learning activity so you would want to stick to its purpose and enjoy each other’s company. As much as you can learn positive values from it, you may also realize the disadvantage of it on your own. However, this must not stop you from joining some group dating activities again. Just take note of your own limits as well as other’s limits in dealing with other dating couples. Through group dating, you and your partner will soon learn to deal with others as you go along with your togetherness. Remember that group dating is another healthy way to strengthen relationships.

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