Going Outdoor? Go CAVEMAN!

Right guys, I’m sitting at my computer looking out the window, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I think it’s a great day to kick it up a notch and head outdoors on a date with that special person in your life. Dates these days are more than just the usual trip to the fanciest restaurant around or cuddling up in the movie theater watching the latest showings. Men, classier and more creative as you’ve become, have been more than wonderfully creative in date idea. Outdoor dates are becoming a hot trend, and for so many reasons.

A date outdoors, with a feel of the wind on your faces and the carefree closeness to nature, can easily bring in the good vibes. And without the need to act all aristocratic and high end on a picnic (although that is never an excuse to eat sloppily or noisily), it is easier to relax. On top of that, you are not necessarily confined to a one-on-one sesh in a crowded room.

The options you have for your outdoor date largely depends on how creative you are and on how much outdoor space you can explore around your area.

The bigger challenge in taking your date outdoors, however, is on how to make it a romantic date as opposed to the usual platonic meet up.

Thankfully, there are simple fool proof ways to promote a romantic environment to an outdoor date, be it a picnic at the local park, an afternoon on the beach watching the sunset, or a hiking trip to a nearby trail. Read these ideas for how to make a ‘good’ outdoor date, a ‘great’ one instead!

Let’s start with something simple but effective; the flowers. Flowers are tested and proven to create and set the mood on a date. Yes, flowers make women more romantic. Without flowers, any date would look ordinary and purely friendly. Go for a bunch of crimson roses or some pretty little lilies. For a beach date, lei of white blossoms or a huge piece of lily of the valley to tuck in her ear would easily set the tone for the beach date. Ditch the flowers on a hiking date, however. You can’t possibly be walking miles carrying a bunch of flowers that would likely be soft and wilted by the time you sit down for lunch.

A must remember on any outdoor trip are the right accessories. And I don’t mean jewellery. Make her comfortable but be creative while at it. Some cushions, a soft blanket and some candles or electric lamps for effect if going for a night out – these will not only keep her warm but will set the visuals of the date. Go for sexy, sultry colors of crimson and black or some deep pinks. Ditch grandma’s patchwork blankie, it will contradict the romantic ambiance.

Don’t forget the all important music. This is one basic tip in courting a girl. Nothing beats music when it comes to ambiance setting. Go for some sexy Latino beats over the open fire in the camping grounds or play some Owl City hits while exchanging some S’mores by the beach. Or better yet, play some old Beatles hits on your guitar at the ballpark and you’ll definitely have her attention while setting the mood.

And most importantly bring the right food. The secret to successful outdoor dating when it comes to food are these three things: none-filling, creative, and sexy. Have a combination of finger foods, non-messy, easy-to-pack food (and does not spoil easily!) presented in a very sexy way. And never, ever forget the sweets. Ditch the pasta for some turkey-raspberry sandwiches, chicken sandwich or some Hawaiian wrap. Bring some fresh fruit slices and eat them as is or be a little creative with some chocolate dip that you can prepare beforehand. Who needs a chocolate fondue when you can have this fast and easy?

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Well that’s it from me for today, I’m heading off to make the most of the sun! Till next time readers!

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