Skillz To Pay Tha Billz…

Heads up guys! I have some important information to share with you all. And I got this advice straight from the one of my lovely female reader’s who wrote in with a piece of advice for my blog. Now, I write a lot about dating and such but that doesn’t mean I know everything and I’m happy to admit that. Ladies, any time you think I could do with some tips about my blogs email me at

Anyway back to my lovely reader, here’s what she had to say, “These days, your pretty face is not enough to help boost your dating life. Our tastes in men have improved and escalated over the years – we are no longer looking for men who have the best display of testosterone levels but men who can do more things than just take our clothes off.”

And right on! Put simply guys, YOU NEED SKILLZ! TO PAY THA BILLZ!

She went on to add, “We are now looking for men who are interesting: men who have passion over something and men who have a great sense of how to live their lives – men who have extra talents and skills.”

With this email in mind, I was inspired to help my male readers, so here are some of sexiest, most attractive talents and skills that you can use to boost your attractiveness to the female kind. So we all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, yes. But so it is to a woman’s. How can any woman disguise her impression with a man who can whip up something awesome from scratch? There’s an art and sensuality to flipping pans and putting together different ingredients to produce one entirely different thing. it seems men are becoming more gastrosexuals in attracting women. The sensations and satisfaction that come with eating is not too far from the same satisfaction as an orgasm so your girl feels just as happy. Now that should get you cookin’!

The next one is pretty obvious; music. Steven Tyler can easily take home more women than Eric Dane even when the advantage on looks is apparently on only one of them. Music can go where no words can. Play your guitar on a beach date, sing a song for her at a karaoke, or even take over the restaurant lounge
and play some ballad on the piano for her and seal your deal with her heart.

Knowledge on wines is a great skill to master. Have many times have you ever had to tell the waiter at the restaurant to get you ‘their best wine’ or ‘whatever goes best with fish’ because you cannot tell a merlot from a cabernet? Impress your date by taking her on a wine event or suggesting the right type of wine for her steak. Let her marvel at your ‘vast knowledge’ as you give her snippets of information about wines.

This one can be a bit geeky but it’s always entertaining; magic tricks – while I don’t recommend using your date’s ears as a vending machine by making coins, cola, sandwiches and snacks magically appear from her ear or purse, a few sweet magic tricks would afford you all her attention throughout your date night. Just watch her face brighten up in delight at the piece of long stemmed rose you picked off her hair or guessing her secret card number she so flirtatiously hid in her chest. This is especially true when you’re flirting with a flirt.

An old skill but a great one; being handy with tools. Most girls have not gotten over that innate need for chivalry, to be taken care of by their man. And it would only be naturally impressive if our men can fix the car, change the light bulbs, or take the virus off of the PC. A guy who can play the all around handyman comes off to us women as very reliable, responsible, and still very manly.

Impress your date with skills that make you unique – capture her heart by being someone that she could not find elsewhere. Learn what has got to say about meeting women.  If you need more info about courting that special lady in your life read this. Let me know what you think!


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