Readers, I’ve been feeling under the weather lately. Yes that’s right; I’ve got Man Flu and I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. Which got me to thinking about my next blog post and what to do if the lovely lady in your life is under the weather. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not always about us. So, is she on PMS? Instead of moping around for cancelling your romantic date (you’re actually selfish to think it’s something to mope about), why don’t you take this as an opportunity to make her feel extra loved? (Oh that makes it an excuse for us girls to demand extra care, extra love and extra attention).

You know, women can be emotional but sickness makes us extra-extra emotional.

So here are my top tips for making her happy and gush over you and get your much-deserved reward when she’s feeling so much better. So I actually got these tips from an article I read on techniques to pick up girls but the concept is pretty much the same.

So here are my 5 ways to be romantic when she’s sick.

To start off the best thing you could do is cook for her. Getting sick pretty much kills anyone’s appetite. But believe me, a little bit of effort will go a long, long way. If you’re not much of a cook and you cannot probably nail a good meal a la 5-star restaurant, beat it on the presentation. Get in her room with some Campbell’s corn soup, some fresh squeeze (no sodas!) and a mini teddy bear or a bouquet of roses will do the job pretty easily. If you don’t know what to cook, email me at for an easy chicken noodle soup recipe or check this out.

The next step is really simple, just look after her. Even the toughest of femme fatales becomes a teeny tiny baby when sick. Cover her in her favorite blankie, sing her to sleep, tell her stories, and dote on her like you would your own kid. Nothing beats a caring guy to a sick lady.

So this piece of advice isn’t gonna be anyone’s favorite, but it will get you brownie points: do the chores. Now this is definitely one of the skills that would boost your love life! Ahh but of course. Actually, this beats everything. The last thing a woman wants to see after recovering from an illness is a messed up house. It does not matter whether you are living together or not. Simply doing her laundry, cleaning her place, doing the dishes, walking the dog or at least running to the Laundromat for her stuff will go a long, long way. She’d love to recover back to a clean place.

Tips number four is to entertain her. When her ills confine her to her room for days on end, chances are she’s bored. But not if you keep her entertained. Set up a movie marathon with her, make a playlist for her, or do a comedy skit for her! You can even make up silly little poems and love notes that she can read when she’s bored or she’s alone! You don’t need to be a genius, just be a creatively caring dude.

Lastly, just keep her company. Give her your time and attention. Sometimes, you just do not need to do anything but keep her a good company for her to feel loved even when she’s sick. And sometimes, still, you don’t even need to talk. Hugging her, holding her or touching her constantly can definitely help do the trick. But if she needs to be isolated (i.e. flu or some other contagious disease), make sure you keep her company in a different way still. Make use of whatever available technology – Skype, Facebook, text, etc. Call her, text her, make her feel like you’re just around even when the doctors are not letting you see her.

And finally, when she does come around after her ills, you’ll find a very, very grateful girl who’s willing to do anything to make it up to you. *Wink!*

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Uranium Cafe Sticky Question: Should You Take It to the Bedroom?

Hi all, I was thinking about this subject quite recently, so I decided to put pen to paper—so to speak. Working out whether it’s the right time to take it to the bedroom can be a really hard question to answer, even harder an issue to talk about. Especially if you’re dating someone who could be Scarlett Johansson’s doppelganger or Kate Upton’s clone, I believe you’d rather leave the matter into your own hands (no pun intended) than actually talk about it.

When you’re dating someone, is there a right time to go physical? How long do you have to hold your horses to make love to her? Would you even hold your horses and wait? No, this isn’t going to be some morality lecture or a lesson on sex education. Given that you are an adult who has not promised to save it all for marriage, this is something you’d have to face sooner or later.

How long should you be dating before you consider taking each other home?

And no, we’re not talking here about your one night stand or casual sex or friends with benefits partner. We’re looking at someone who you’ve been going out with for some time and who you have every intention of getting to know for a possibly steady relationship.

So when is it the right time?

Well, a good place to start is by asking these questions as there’s no specific number of months or weeks (or days?!) when you should take your relationship to the bedroom level. The right time is more a matter of when you both are ready for what’s next – sex can be so powerful it can make or break a budding relationship. There are reasons why you should hold back and you may want to check this article on Marie Claire.

So how do you when can it be the right time to take it to the next level?

It depends on a lot of thing and neither I nor anyone else around you can tell when the right time is. So ask yourself these questions to help you decide.

To begin with, how well do you know her?  This is where I should talk about how well you know your partner for health reasons – an STD is never a joke. But more than that, sleeping with someone requires some amount of trust, especially for the woman. It also pays to have meaningful conversations with her rather than the sweet nothings. Save them for later. She has to be very comfortable with you otherwise it would be a totally awkward thing in the morning.

Next, how does she feel about doing it? What are her own principles about it? It is important to know what she thinks about sex in general. And maybe, importantly, how many times has she done it in the past? Her own history on sex is a huge factor on her willingness (and unwillingness too) to delve into that activity. If it is going to be her first, you might want to slow it down. I don’t think you should ask her how many times she did it. There are ways on how to dig into this information. SIBG-Baltimore Chapter may be able to help you. Need to have a deep conversation with her? Apart from that you can also check out this article for some tips.

What do you think happens afterwards? To a lot of women, submitting themselves to a man in sex is equal to commitment. And it would be safe to assume that is true for all women, not because it is true for all women but because it is a whole lot riskier to believe otherwise. So unless you’re both looking at commitment for the long term, then you may want to push the brakes and take things slow.

There are a lot of surprise benefits to taking things slow in dating. Remember,just because you’re horny doesn’t mean she is, too. There are differences between a man and a woman’s sex drive. Give yourselves time to explore it, and you just might find what you’ve been looking for. For more advice hit me up at

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“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

Hello lurkers! So I’ve received a ton of emails about my last post. Thank you for the warm reception! I was thinking of what to write today and I’ve remembered a girl I dated in the past who was really nice and all. She introduced me to her friends, and as pressure was brewing, I also introduced her to mine. Unfortunately, I guess it wasn’t the perfect timing. So here’s something for you guys to ponder on.

So you’ve been dating a month and she introduced you to her friends? You’ve come a long way from asking for advice on asking a woman out, (BTW hit me up at for more on this) to getting a date/courting her and now being introduced to her friends. Congratulations! You’ve reached a new level in dating: it’s called the I-will-let-my-friends-judge-you-for-real-they’ve-heard-so-much-about-you-anyway level. And that should make you feel both flattered and scared.

But wait, her introducing you to her friends does not mean you should reciprocate it right away! Just because she did it doesn’t mean it should pressure you into doing the same. There’s a huge world of difference between a girl introducing you to her girlfriends and you doing it with your friends.

It’s important to remember that “good things come to those who wait,” and here are some of the reasons why you should hold your horses and wait a little bit longer before introducing her to your best buddies:

To start with, your friends might turn her off. Ever heard of “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”? Even when you’re not as big a jerk as your friends, chances are, she’d think you’re exactly the same as them. So if your friends are the misbehaving type, wait just a little bit longer ‘til you’re both comfortable with each other and she knows you enough to distinguish you from your friends.

It’s important to remember that they might scare her away. Some girls like to take things slow. She might think you are getting too serious too soon and it might cause her to back off. It’s a lot of pressure to be introduced to your best brothers from different mothers you know.

And it could mislead her, which is is the polar opposite of No. 2. Some girls think that just because you introduced her to your friends, you guys are totally together and she could move in with you tomorrow. This is so true if you’re dating a possibly clingy girl. And she could totally use it against you if you break it up with her. So unless you’re looking into something serious with her, you might really want to take it just a wee bit longer.

Remember, guy friends are not the same as girlfriends. It’s almost the same as us bringing you over to family dinner right away. So take it slow, make sure you both are ready for it and willing to do it. It’s a different story (and a different blog post altogether) however if she’s asking to be introduced to your friends.

It’s got to be the right timing. When you should take her to meet them boys…Sure there are tips on how to introduce your girlfriend to your buddies, but as the cliche goes, “Timing is everything.”
There’s a season for everything. And thus, there’s always a perfect time to introduce her to your buddies a good place to begin is when you’re official. Boyfriend-girlfriend, wifey-hubby, or anything that says you’re official is always a cue for you to bring her to boys’ night. She would hate if you didn’t even when you guys are serious.

Perhaps a good idea is to just leave it to chance, when they see you, unintentionally, with her. Seriously, this doesn’t take a genius to figure out! Meeting your friends accidentally with your girl would be awkward if you don’t introduce her.

Be sure to find out though if she’s willing. Some girls are so cool with it and would be excited to do it without expecting anything. Gauge her. You know her better than I do! Does she seem the type who can play pool with them and not expect you to stick with her for the next ten years?

Again, the secret to successfully pulling this off is by perfectly assessing how ready you both are for this. It can really change your level of dating so prepare for these consequences!

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